Blogging Tips for Beginners That Actually Work

Want to create a successful blog? In this video, you’ll learn some blogging tips that have helped us consistently get traffic to our blog.

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While there is nothing wrong with blogging about your passions, creating a successful blog goes beyond just “you”.

There are 3 buckets you should excel in to get more traction.

The first bucket is to become a better writer. Here are some tips covered in the video:
► Focus on a specific part of your niche
► Create content worth referencing
► Make your posts easy to read
► Create click-worthy headlines that aren’t clickbait
► Write compelling introductions (using the APP formula)
► Create feedback loops

You’ll learn more in detail about each tip in the video.

The second aspect is to understand the technical elements of blogging. If you do keyword research, cover your competitors’ best topics and do some basic on-page SEO, you should be on the right track.

Watch the video to learn more about those tips.

The final bucket is to get social. You’ll learn why it’s important to build an email list from day one, connect with other bloggers in your space and how to promote your content in online communities.


1:13 Focus on a specific part of your niche
2:03 Create content that’s worth referencing
4:10 Make your post easy to read
5:09 Write click-worthy headlines that aren’t clickbait
5:47 Write introductions using the APP formula
6:45 Create feedback loops
7:48 Write about topics people are searching for
8:47 Cover your competitors’ best topics
9:20 Do some basic on-page SEO
10:09 Connect with other bloggers you admire in your space
11:22 Build an email list from day one
12:00 Promote your content in online communities

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