Content Marketing Strategy That Gets Leads and Sales

Want a content marketing strategy that gets more leads and sales? Learn the actual process we use to grow our traffic AND revenue through content.

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You probably know that having relevant content is important to any business and being able to find the right keywords that people are searching for are important.

But is there more to content marketing in 2019 than meets the eye?

We’ll show you why our content marketing strategy works, how it helped us to skyrocket our monthly blog traffic and YouTube views and why it’s effective for ANY type of business.

This tutorial first walks you through what content marketing is and focuses your attention on the key goals for doing content marketing.

Sam then takes you through 3 crucial questions you need to ask yourselves while doing keyword research.

Asking the questions will ensure you find keywords that help you attract:

1. People who are interested in your products and services

2. People who are asking a question or finding a solution that you are answering or resolving

3. Traffic to your content

Next, you’ll want to find additional keywords where you can rank. Learn a cool hack with Ahrefs’ Content Gap tool to find common keywords that your competitors rank for.

Armed with your keywords arsenal, you’ll then be able to build an awesome piece of content.

Once that’s done, your goal as a content marketer will be to get that content to as many people as possible.

Learn content promotion strategies through channels like direct marketing (get your content directly in front of the right people) and influencer marketing (convince someone of “influence” to share your content with their following). Best of all, you can execute some of these strategies without spending a penny.

Finally, you’ll learn how to monitor your traffic and leads so you can double down on what’s working and remove what’s not.

Watch the full video to execute these content marketing tips that get you more leads and sales for the long haul.


1:10 What is content marketing?
1:59 Start with keyword research to find the topic to run with
6:39 Create the content with search intent in mind
8:54 Promote your content with direct marketing
10:16 Invest in the influencer marketing
12:26 Monitor your traffic and leads

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