How Long Should a Blog Post Be (It’s NOT 2,000+ Words)

In this video, we’ll dispel some common misconceptions regarding blog post length, backed by an analysis of 900 million webpages.

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For years, people believed that long form content performed better than short form content. There are tons of articles that recommend publishing long form content as a way to rank high on Google. We want to put this myth to rest.

There are two reasons why people believe that longer content performs better:

► longer content leads to more backlinks;
► longer content gets more organic traffic.

But is that really a thing? We conducted an analysis of 900 million pages of content to see if there’s any ground for this.

Watch our video to see the results and our takeaways from it.


0:00 Intro
1:10 Does longer content lead to more backlinks?
2:07 Does longer content get more organic traffic?

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