How to Make Money Blogging (From Start to Finish)

In this video, you’ll learn how to make money blogging using a simple 5-stage monetization process.

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By using all five monetization methods in this video, you should be able to increase and diversify your income. And it’s all about the order in which things are done.

The first stage of monetization is affiliate marketing.

Affiliate marketing is when you promote someone else’s product. And when people click one of your affiliate links and make a purchase, you’re paid an affiliate commission. It’s one of the easiest methods to make a consistent monthly income through blogging when you’re just starting out.

Learn how to start getting income month over month by watching this video.

The next stage is to join high-paying ad networks and display their ads on your site.

Google Adsense, Google’s advertising platform, allows publishers to display ads on their site and make money. But Google only gives ~51 – 68% of revenue to publishers, which isn’t great.

Want to learn more about how to make money with ads on your blog? Watch the video.

The next stage is to sell your own products.

Because your email list and organic traffic should have reached a pretty impressive level by this stage, you should be able to leverage them to make more money from your blog.

Watch the video to learn more about this stage.

The next stage is to consider selling sponsorships. At this stage, you should have actual assets that advertisers would probably love to tap into.

And the final stage is to sell your site. You may not want to sell it because you want to collect revenue month after month. But selling your blog can lead to a life-changing amount of money.

Watch the video to learn more about it.


0:00 Intro: making $1,000/hour
0:59 How to make money blogging
1:30 Importance of list building
2:06 Stage 1 of monetization process
4:57 Stage 2 of monetization process
7:48 Stage 3 of monetization process
8:37 Stage 4 of monetization process
9:20 Stage 5 of monetization process

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