Use These Blog Post Templates to Write Better SEO Content

Swipe our blog post templates to write better SEO content for your website and to rank higher in Google.

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The four blog post templates we’ll cover in this video are:

– list posts (listicles)
– step-by-step guides
– definition posts
– beginner’s guides

Listicles usually consist of non-chronological lists such as tips, product recommendations, tools, techniques, myths, mistakes, etc. You’ll learn how to write a compelling title and intro for list posts and different ways to craft your subheadings.

Watch the video to learn how to create list posts.

The next blog post type is the step-by-step guide. These are usually your typical “how-to” posts where you run through a series of steps to teach how to accomplish anything. Here we’ll cover how to write an intro using the PSP method.

Want to learn about this method and the template for the “how-to” guide? Watch the video.

The third template is for the expanded definition posts. This type of posts is meant to give a high-level overview of a topic. The best thing about expanded definition posts is that they have a clear format you can follow:

– intro
– main content
– and conclusion

Watch the video to learn more about this template.

And finally, the beginner’s guide post. It’s an educational resource that offers a comprehensive guide to a topic. In short, a beginner’s guide is detailed, teaches people things in a logical sequence, and it’s written for beginners.

Want to learn more about the template for this type of posts? Watch this video.

Whether you’re new to blogging or a seasoned blogger, you’ll find helpful templates in this video that you can use in your content marketing efforts.


0:00 Intro
0:16 List posts (listicles)
4:00 How-to guides
6:13 Expanded definition posts
9:01 Beginner’s guide posts

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